Building for Windows

We support only 64-bit builds and only for the following versions of Windows:

It may be possible to get the client working for Windows 32-bit, by disabling EVMJIT and maybe other features too. We might accept pull-requests to add such support, but we will not put any of our own development time into supporting Windows 32-bit builds.


You will need to install the following dependencies

Software Notes
Git for Windows Command-line tool for retrieving source from Github.
CMake Cross-platform build file generator.
Visual Studio 2015 C++ compiler and dev environment.

Get the source

Clone the git repository containing all the source code by executing the following command:

git clone --recursive
cd cpp-ethereum

Get the external dependencies

Execute the CMake script that downloads and unpacks pre-built external libraries needed to build the project:


Generate Visual Studio project files

Then execute the following commands, which will generate a Visual Studio solution file using CMake:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" ..

Which should result in the creation of cpp-ethereum.sln in that build directory.

NOTE: We only support Visual Studio 2015 as of cpp-ethereum-v.1.3.0.

Double-clicking on that file should result in Visual Studio firing up. We suggest building RelWithDebugInfo configuration, but all others work.

Build on the command-line

Alternatively, you can build the project on the command-line, like so:

cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo