The Ethereum Foundation

The Ethereum Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Switzerland, and has the purpose of managing the funds that were raised from the ether Sale in order to best serve the Ethereum and decentralized technology ecosystem.

Founded July 2014 in Switzerland, Stiftung Ethereum’s mission is the promotion of developments of new technologies and applications, especially in the fields of new open and decentralized software architectures.

It is the aim that decentralized and open technologies will be developed, nurtured, promoted and maintained. A dominating, but not exclusive, focus is set on the promotion of the development of the Ethereum Protocol and the relevant technology to it as well as the promotion and support of applications using the Ethereum technology or protocol. Stiftung Ethereum will additionally support and advocate for a decentralized Internet in a variety of forms.

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Ethereum Foundation’s faces to the community

Official communication from the Ethereum foundation most often comes in the form of a comprehensive blogpost on the Ethereum blog. Some of the posts there are technical, some organisational, some personal. All blog posts are announced on Twitter and Reddit.

The foundation Youtube channel hosts our videos, including all talks of the developers conferences DEVCON0 and DEVCON1.

For community discussion forums, see Community.